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Topic: Alphabet game didn't work
Posted by: Mitch
Date/Time: 20/05/2003 00:22:42

Dear John and Carmen,

I used the alphabet new code game with a client I had and it didn't do anything. Maybe you can give me some feedback.

I followed what you wrote in whispering exactly.

1. I anchored the problem state very well to an area of the floor. Whenever the client steped into than area, he dramatically and powerfully went into the problem state, which was a very powerful state.

2. He did the new code game with me watching very well to make sure I knew when to gently push him back into the problem state spatial anchor.

3. After about 10-12 minutes, he was in such a flow state that I took him quickly on the spatial anchor for the problem state.

The two states collapsed. His body and face went through all kinds of colour changes etc... his posture stayed very similar to how it was in the new code game, although there were slight alterations which to me were an intergation of the two states.

After about one minute of integration, he looked like the states had stably integrated, I ended the session without talking about anything. I just said "goodbye. Thanks for coming in.  I will give you a call in two weeks."

I was 100% convinced that the new code state was now anchored to the problem contexts becuase the new code state completely overpowered his problem state.

However, two weeks later, I phoned him and he said nothing had changed and that he had gone to get a doctor who prescribed medicine for his 'disorder' - anxiety attacks just the day before I phoned - about 13 days after doing the alphabet game.

Do the new code games always work if you do them properly?

Can you give me any feedback please?

To everyone else on the forum: have you tried the new code games on demonstratable problem states... and what were the results?

Thank you,


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