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Topic: you hear what you want to see
Posted by: Gianni
Date/Time: 23/05/2003 15:02:31

I find IT absolutelt really faxcinating buT yet sad (for you) that so many qualified excuse me unqualified individuals are so busy writing on NLP or New Code here and and experTs aT
explaining nonsense.

Lets face IT. IT doesn't work. Of course you are righT I do see your disTorted poinTts of view or opinions. I do also see what I hear from all of you is your lack of iniaTive, imaginaTion and inTegriTy on your parT.

But don't consider the above wriTings until you read on.

But lets re-face IT.  Some IMPORTANT individuals do have a super affect on oThers nervous system and cogniTive abiliTiTies and fuTure renderings. I guess who ever is doing the complaining here is just not one of Those highly talenTed highly experienced individuals and is demonsTraTing their personal impoTence.

Hey DaVinci builTTT a code Erickson had one did he not? Chomsky has goTTT, Grinder and Vostic have theirs and I am sure The CIA'S and Al Quaeda HAS THEIRS.....................

Time to look and hear elsewhere. Oh well..Good luck...I hope you all DO find your key sTones that assist and leads you all to your Holy Grail.

TaTaTa kittle darlin's

and byebyebye sweet marlin's

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