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Topic: Integration
Posted by: Tbone
Date/Time: 25/05/2003 15:02:45

John and Carmen,

I wanted to ask you about integrating new skills. I have read Whispering and to be honest, I did not hear much talk about it. This is a process I am interested in because I find integration is what happens to me every time learn a new skill.  For example, when I was learning guitar many hours after I worked on something I would be going about my business and the next day I would have integrated the thing I was learning the following day. I never know how I do this, but it would happen often. I learned to play the guitar very fast. In fact faster than my muscles in my fingers to grow to play proficiently.
I notice this integration process happening a lot in kinesthetic activities but I would like to have this happen in my other modalities as well. Any advice?



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