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Topic: Modeling & Metaphors...
Posted by: Michael
Date/Time: 26/05/2003 12:16:18

Hi John,

Am I right to assume that a lot of Milton's metaphor content was developed before you and Richard met him? (although, of course, he tailored the delivery and shifted the content a little depending on the client etc.)

The reason I'm asking is to learn more about how you and Richard modeled Erickson's use of metaphor

For example, when you were in the unconscious competency phase, did you find you and RB used Erickson's metaphors (the content) with your clients?

Or, did you find that you had modeled the process Milton used to create the content for metaphors?

I'm asking you these questions, because I think your situation with Milton may be a slightly similar to my current modeling project... (plus, I'm interested in becoming better at creating the more entertaining content for hypnotic metaphors)

At the moment I'm modeling stand-up comedians and I'm finding it hard to replicate the results... except with one comedian who's humour is generated live. ie: someone in the audience says something and he creates humour from it.

The problem with the other comedians is that I presume they generate their content off stage. I don't have access to those times to model them.

This would seem to me to be similar to modeling Milton tell stories that perhaps he had come up with (at least loosely) many years before you met him.

Thanks John,


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