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Topic: Read::Metaprograms and do numbers exist?
Posted by: Jonathan Fields
Date/Time: 31/05/2003 15:04:56


I always thought NLP New Code was the art of talking and looking at its father NLP (a cruder science) and building and making a simple quicker and more effective program.

Can a golfer just hit the ball with excellence without using metaprogramming GSM?

BTW I spoke to John Daily the big time PGA ball striker one day on a course in New York back in 1998 where he was holding a clinic. I asked John point blank  what does he do internally  after he strikes a bad shot? At that moment I must say John became super agitated with my question and said to me he degrades himself. So then I was silly enough to ask -- how? And he walked away.

Interesting change in an golf event happened to/with Daily GSW after our small conversation. On a course in Canada a week later daily was competing in the Canadian Open. In the middle of the second round he quit the tournament throwing his club in disgust. After having two bad rounds he flat out quit the tournement.

Strange coincidence based on my conversation with Mr Daily the week before in Goshen NY or maybe not a coincidence at all?. Did I set that up to happen?

After that experince with Daily I must say I really  study what others present,say and do with themselves in between their task in hand.

So my question to your post. How much does internal dialogue affect a golfers game?Perhaps yours? How does one using Grinder and Bostic or their own code prearrange himself/herself so that they can stay in a state of excellence playing an enjoyable round of good or bad golf? If you play golf you know what I mean.

I mean I can still remember today my friend play ing golf with me at Baltus Rol in New Jersy and on  the seventh green after a bad shoot throwing his 7 iron down and then hearing him saying in clear anger
"I knew I should of not taken that shot." H'mmm. Whas up with that?


ps Mr Daily went into rehab again after the Canadian episode. I hope his internal dialogue to himself is better now and he is healthier.
He is back on tour again.

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