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Topic: Re:Read::Metaprograms and do numbers exist?
Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 31/05/2003 15:36:37

"Can a golfer just hit the ball with excellence without using metaprogramming?"

Is that suppposed to be funny?

"Strange coincidence based on my conversation with Mr Daily the week before in Goshen NY or maybe not a
coincidence at all?. Did I set that up to happen?"

I think that's a bit narcissistic.  He probably thought you were a nutter
when you spoke to him, and never gave you another moments thought.

"How much does internal dialogue affect a golfers game?Perhaps yours? How does one
using Grinder and Bostic or their own code prearrange himself/herself so that they can stay in a state of excellence
playing an enjoyable round of good or bad golf?"

Well I expect its not a good idea to have an internal dialogue when you're actually swinging.  It may be useful to have internal
dialogue that works as motivtional strategy inbetween shots.

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