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Topic: Reply to Robert
Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 05/06/2003 20:49:27

-"So what is the unconsious mind?
a variable to have when doing things."


-"The difference with NLP testing is that we find what does not working with the model or pattern.
The edge if you like.  Then it is a matter of comparision and testing to draw forth what is needed to produce the end result.
A pattern or a model."

Could you elaborate here, what does this paragraph mean specifically?  (It isn't clear to me what you're saying).

-"Your frame of reference from objective science thinking is faulty since it always includes someone who observe and also then seems to influence..."

Fair point, but how do we keep the displine that science has, when dealing with our subjectivity.  This is what I'm trying to understand - how can you be objective about subjective experiences, if you are subjective about subjective experiences doesn't that lead into chaos, unpredictability, whatever one might like to hallucinate?

-"By being scientific of producing the patterns"

Yes O.K., but how specifically?

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