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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Mission, Purpose etc
Posted by: Johnn Grinder
Date/Time: 09/06/2003 16:42:12

Hi Spike

Well, first of all, let's agree that all counsel (or as you say, advice) is the advice giver talking to him or herself, what he or she would do were they the other party (the receiving party). If there is something in such reflexive pronouncements, great, go for it. Otherwise...

They passage I quote in the "advice" is Castenada's advice - from which I have gleaned positive experiences. Your "paraphrase" is not a paraphrase - it is an interpretation. Indeed, I disagree with the second of your interpretations entirely. Living in the future is as absurd as living in the past.

You wrote,

"...pages 334 to 344, where you and Bostic st Clair point to the fact that there are no formal characteristics defining the process/content distinction..."

This is not what Carmen and I presented in the pages cited - what we did propose is that the process/content (form/substance) distinction is essential as one of the key differentiator which distinguishes NLP application from all other (known to us) otherwise comparable systems. What we did point out in some detail is the we were not successful in developing a satisfactory formal definition. Further, while we offer a series of clear examples of each term in the distinction, we propose that is is critical to develop such a formal distinction - a puzzle we elucidated and invited the NLP community to get involved in pursuit of this formal distinction. Do you have a proposal or suggestion?

Finally, you wrote,

"...seem to say that it is a relational quality, so that content is content in relation to something, and the same goes for process..."

Lost me here - could you elaborate and offer a concrete example?

All the best,


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