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Posted by: John Daily
Date/Time: 14/06/2003 13:32:36


Thank you for your suggestion.

I must admit I do have some hesitance.
What will doing the New Code game do for me that I am not doing now I ask myself? I have tried other ways and I still keep always doing the same thing the same way daily. Same internal dialogus, I keep talk-ing to the same people , do the same activities and think and feel the same thoughts. My daily life is just one big circle. However after after sleeping on my thougts I do recognize my ability to do the same thing over and over is stronger than I had previously recognized. And that is a problem. It also is a plus in many ways as I am a very consistent person. You can say I am very disciplined in my thinking. But now I want to and need to getv out more. I don't feel very uncomfortable not comfortable doing the same thing over and over and I am getting a minimum amount of satisfaction from my-self.That is why I TRIED USING AFFIRMATIONS. I want to be free'er  more qualified individual.

OK I will heed your advise and go do the New Code today with a coach and see if that opens up new channels for me. I need to change this.

Thank you Ryan
John D.

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