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Posted by: JPG
Date/Time: 15/06/2003 07:43:00


We sometimes have to make hypothesis when interpreting the message of another human being. When these hypothesis are concious and we check afterward Why not ?


Obviously, you can’t be compared with the average français « Monsieur Martin » or equivalent American “Mister ?”, you also have some “British” humour or US humor when you wrote “Vous etres possiblemente la seul personne qui ha connaissance de ce bon mo.

I think that :  tous les français de “7 à 77 ans” (another french filter ) peuvent comprendre.


Making an analogy between the way John (I think) used « Martin » and “SDF”, which have both meaning in France.

You’ve asked if the sentence of John (“Nous pouvez”) was is some way lacking of “Vous” (You).

“Vous” is the formal French for “You”. We use also the casual “tu” (when subject) and “toi” (when complement).

“toi” has the same pronunciation than “toit”.

“SDF” means “Homeless People” we also use “sans toit”.

So my “without limit” interpretation (Hallucination) of your message is :

Frame : JPG (initials) => Martin // (SDF) initials ?

Sans vous = sans toi = sans toit = SDF

So what is your real first name SDF ?

All the Best


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