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Topic: Re:advice re. teaching Spanish
Posted by: Keith Wells
Date/Time: 22/06/2003 19:54:13

Dear All,
Just to give you an update...I'm very much appreciative of the trouble you took in giving suggestions.
The "experiment" went even better than I thought! Headlines are: students state they are more motivated; from "hating" Spanish lessons and their Spanish teacher, they now are asking for more lessons and "love" the teacher. Their confidence levels have increased and they readily volunteer to speak in Spanish and translate also. External evaluation (based on one lesson only!) indicates that they are now above avaerage!! The majority have progressed at least one level. Most importantly of all, they feel good about themselves, it would appear that for many their positive attitudes have been transferred into other areas of their lives...and the Spanish teacher can hardly believe it!
Oh, yes! We're taking them to Spain in four weeks.
All things really are possible for those who believe. Thanks again, everyone.

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