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Topic: stalking
Posted by: wendy
Date/Time: 26/06/2003 00:08:27

Could somebody please tell me if it's possible that an elderly woman could be a stalker? I know it sounds funny...and I feel silly writing this...but there is an older woman who seems to have taken an obsessional interest in me. Why, I could never imagine! It doesn't make sense. I too, am an older woman. But I am really uneasy and becoming more so.,..with phone calls, hang-ups, driving past the house etc. etc. Like I said, it sounds silly I suppose but I am feeling repulsed and uneasy and wonder if there can be such a thing as an older woman stalking another one. God, this sounds ridiculous but it's true and I would really appreciate some ..any !!..advice on this please. Thanks. Wendy.

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