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Posted by: Dimitry
Date/Time: 04/07/2003 00:40:42

"if you want to know why many valid psychics haven't taken up his challenge, you should study the history and details of his challenge, and then read the rational of people like Edwards who is very explicit in his relation to Randi. Edwards has subjected himself to more than one double blind study; some of which are being performed at Yale.  These studies follow the protocols that Randi say are mandatory AND They don't offer Edwards, and the others, any money.  Randi makes some incredibly superstitious conclusions in regards to why some people won't play with him.  Yet, his work is important to the degree that it calls liers bluffs."

The history of the challenge is that people who can't even do cold reading correctly, like John Edward, make up stupid excuses for not engaging Randi in a valid challenge. If you want to learn about the accuracy of "Scientific" testing at Universities, look up "Project Alpha". The studies you suggest at Yale, do NOT conform to the proper protocols.

"However, randi will never be able to explain people like my grandmother. Who would received impressions of strangers that were uncanny in their details and systematic in their accuracy.  When I was a boy we were at the park in Chicago (1000 mile from where my grandmother had always lived) and a little girl walked passed my grandmother as my grandmother whispered to her somthing like, "You'll find your favorite toothbrush under the green frog with the torn out eyes, so no need to cry anymore little girl"... the mother overheard and freaked out because their girl did indeed lose a tooth brush and did indeed own a stuffed animal of an old frog with torn out eyes.  No sensory calibration would help you achieve this, and it wouldn't be as impressive if it wasn't something just like this that my Grandmother achieved almost everyday of her life.  She made no money off of it, however."

Can you prove the assertion that "no sensory calibrations would help you achieve this"? Do you know if your grandmother overheard something about a toothbrush when you weren't looking or hearing? Do you even know if her prediction was accurate at all? Could your memory be foggy, remembering things not as they happened, but as you imagine they happened? From your report, it seems that you're not even sure what your grandmother said to the girl, are you sure you didn't mishear completely; or exhibiting a confirmation bias in your re-membering of the event?

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