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Topic: Anchoring clarifications
Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 07/07/2003 18:14:10

A few questions about terminology first...

What differentiates a conditioning, an anchor, an association and an emprint? Or in denominalized form, what differentiates conditioning, anchoring, associating and emprinting?

In the thread “Collapsing Anchors,” Lewis refers extensively to the importance of collapsing anchors in NLP change work. Are anchors entirely the work of synesthaesia, the linking together of various stimuli, both internal and external?

What happens neurologically to an old pattern of behavior when a new pattern is “programmed,” or when an anchor is collapsed? Does it get deleted, does it get removed, does it get overwritten, or does it remain in memory but is no longer the default choice for a given context? I might be waffling all over in logical types with these questions...

For instance, let’s say that someone in a context of celebration consistently eats ice cream and becomes conditioned to eating ice cream in a “party state.” What happens to the “ice cream” pattern once the person reprograms themselves to go for celeri?


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