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Topic: Question for John Grinder who or what is real in NLP
Posted by: John Sykes
Date/Time: 07/07/2003 23:43:40

I would like to know your distinction on the work being done by Tad James - his business model is sophisticated, however I have heard several trainers absolutely berating his methods?
I have trained with him and also the other trainers and to be honest found them both to be of similar quality though each had their own strengths and weaknesses as perhaps we all do?
What are your views on this and perhaps the different NLP models in the market?
I donít see that his model is in anyway wrong though there seems to be much dislike from the "other" side.
I am fully aware that some of the distinctions he has differ from your own model he makes this clear in his training. Although he uses, well consciously :) no new code in your format, in a way much of his teaching does keep the conscious very busy while the unconscious is layered with information. His training I found to be far more intense and focused than the other trainers?
I am aware he may have made some mistakes early on with regard to, well lets not go there.
It does seems to me though, that we all make mistakes?
I really value your opinion on this as I have gained a huge amount from his training and always find it interesting when people totally berate someone? If there was one thing that you really agreed/disagreed with about his model what would it be?
Again thanks for your opinion if you consider this question to be the wrong forum feel free to email me on this point.
All the best
John S

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