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Topic: His model -
Posted by: John Sykes
Date/Time: 09/07/2003 05:46:39

Thanks appreciate the reply:

"His model"
I meant by this Tad brings other unrelated disciplines into his trainings, in a metaphoric sense, to reinforce NLP propositions such as Deepak Chopra - Mind body healing, John Sarno - in regard to the back etc.

I was aware there had been some interesting occurrences such as the web address incident.

Can I ask what you mean by "Minions"

It is not my impression as someone who has completed his trainings that he invented Timelines.

Tad now makes it clear that work was done into this area and that he experimented with it to create a process called Timeline Therapy TM.

He does not speak of people being unable to use timelines in a therapy sense unless trained by him.

I think there seems to be some confusion around this, I have heard other trainers explaining how we need to be careful how we do things around timelines due to Tads TM.

The only thing Tad said was that as he trade marked the words Timeline Therapy, that these two words together should only be used for "his" specific process.

Tad does say he invented the specific metaphoric process of Timeline Therapy that is using his specific "perceptual" though he does not use those terms, positions, I agree the success of which depends on the person pulling the strings. Interestingly enough my first exposure to timelines was through Tony Robbins who used a process extremely similar to Tad’s.

Thanks for the feedback - I like what Tad is doing now, and can see that yes people do come out of his courses a little wet behind the ears in my experience people also come out of most if not all courses a little wet behind the ears.

Perhaps the question is at which point should people be set out “unleashed” on the world, again even the best of us have our off days.

I have seen people that have been trained by the best for years and still they surround themselves with limiting beliefs around their own ability, to perform or be financially successful and what do they get?

I will add one more thing, in having done Tads training what I was left with, was a belief that both yourself and Richard B were absolute legends in human behavior. Your work has and is changing the lives of millions of people on this planet.

I sincerely thank you for this and wonder if you ever take the time out to just reflect on what a difference in the world you have made.

John S

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