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Topic: other new code games
Posted by: scott
Date/Time: 11/07/2003 05:03:28

dear dr. grinder and everybody,

hello once again.

regarding new code games and high performance states.  i guess it is not explicit to me what the well-formedness conditions are to construct a similar game such as the alphabet game. i wish you would give us another example of a new code game.

the reason why i wished so is because i would like to know if there are other ways to achieve high performance states through activities such as gardening, flying an airplane or doing complex biological laboratory experiments (i do this everyday) where all your attention goes uptime (VAK-external).

the alphabet game is executable in the privacy of one's home or office.  i wanted to find out other ways to make such games on the fly, so to speak, such that when situations arise where i would need a high performance state on the job (for the purpose of modeling how to achieve high performance states) i would be able to do it with the regular class of activities i'm doing already.

how would you suggest for us to arrange everyday experiences to achieve high performance states?

all the best,


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