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Topic: Re:Modelling - 'unconscious uptake'
Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 16/07/2003 21:59:01

"I have reported the results in this post and explained my measuring criteria. With respect to your comment “I saying this out of experience here” I invite you to explicate

a/ your experience of modelling a golf swing
b/ the process you used
c/ The results of the work and how you measured
d/ how you code the golf swing"

O.K. thanks for you explanation, it was truly enlightening.  I would be glad to experience or witness something like that in a group like you described.  It is quite an achievement that someone who has never hit a golf ball, to be even able to hit a descent golf shot within 2 hours, if I understand what you are saying they could do that.  (At least without my model at hand :-)!).
I also appreciate how you qualify the degree to which something can be modeled given that the individual providing the model is using intuition etc..

To answer your questions, I have accelerated this process by bringing to consciousness (my consciousness) an extremely effective physical model of the golf swing, and can make drastic changes to other people's golf swings very quickly.  How did I do that, trial and error pretty much and a very fined awareness of what did and didn't work.  For example, one tip was use visualisation that will make you swing well, it helps but I soon realised that no matter how well or what variety of visualisations I used certain limitations were inherent in my golf shot making ability.  I had to do something else instead.

They way I teach this to others, is not by communicating it to them consciously.  I use, physical guidance :  i.e. if I get you to cross your legs in a peculiar way.  This is what I describe as 'phsyical education' - it takes time for someone to get used to something they have most likely never felt before!!!
Next I reinforce this by verbally using metaphors, that describe the physical movements and sensations they are using.  This helps to anchor it in their minds, and gives them a place to remember and return to those sensations themselves.  The metaphor is something they think of before swinging (using the words and visuals which then lead into the kinesthetics I've trained them to recognise and do).  Then in full state of the golf swing their attention is fully on the kinesthetics, very much where I want it at this stage.  Finally, after starting with some fundamental distinctions, I do some specific type of reflex actions that I won't go into because they are trade secret :-)  (If I do bring this to market, I have so many other things on the go at the moment!!)...but nobody else seems to have noticed how important they are.  These reflex actions that I train someone to do, operate as an extremely fast highway to the unconscious acting out an effective golf swing and creating the results.

I can measure outcome in terms of quality of the strike - fine sensory acuity developed by listening to the strike, and seeing what's happening through the strike and then the flight of the ball.  The flight of the ball is clearly where the real results are - a quality golf swing makes it all seem so effortless when you see how far, and straight the ball goes (specific trajectories are analogous to this too).

Now it took me several years to develop this model (on and off while doing other things full-time).  It would probably take someone else just as long given the circumstances.  I now have a model explicated.

What have I tested it on?, several people all who created the desired results (professional quality shot making - of which one critieria is the objective measurements in terms of distance).  My most effective example is a female who had never hit a golf shot before, and within 30 minutes got her to hit what I consider to be of very professional quality - so remarkable it blew my mind away.  Consistency requires getting the individual to access this state more often, and requires reinforcement, repetition, intensity and time.

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