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Topic: Re:Re:Modelling - 'unconscious uptake'
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 17/07/2003 02:18:14


You wrote "O.K. thanks for you explanation, it was truly enlightening.  I would be glad to experience or witness something like that in a group like you described.

It's quite easy to set up, you only need 3 to  5 people


If you were the model, you might find the modeller and coaches extricate and explicate tacit knowledge you have that has not yet been coded as you are in essence self modelling and self calibrating.

You wrote "It is quite an achievement that someone who has never hit a golf ball, to be even able to hit a descent golf shot within 2 hours, if I understand what you are saying they could do that. 

I am saying one person could do that (excluding the model) and that was the modeller. Yes this person had no previous experience of golf.

The conscious mind of the model and modeller can get in the way. I am really learning this.

I will add- that these reports fall way short of what is recommended in Whispering, i.e.  full on modelling projects.

I really like your golf teaching style, I will have another read again tomorrow.


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