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Topic: Re:Re:comments about INLPA
Posted by: ElevandraE
Date/Time: 17/07/2003 16:21:14

Dear Mr Grinder

We are at momentum on a downhill slope at the moment. Now almost anyone and everyone who wishes to can certify others in NLP. Which i think is sad.
Its true that many people who offer NLP training have little personal integrity and congruity and are teaching what they THINK is NLP. Some who train for money and shortening trainings to meet market demands. And some others who just don't know any better because thats what they learnt in trainer's training.

I understand that you are the founding patron of NLPTRB, do you have any plans of taking that further? For example forming an association with minimum standards for certification and some reccommended guidelines for institutes to protect the consumer and for the many trainers offering trainings who wish to be associated with a high integrity association.

Thank you.

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