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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Modelling and First Position
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 22/07/2003 12:24:30


Here are some ideas for you to consider

You wrote "The reason I asked my question is the tough part for me to do such a skill (editing) Michael in front of an audience is to remain focused at the same as I am presenting without getting lost in my clients feelings or questions.."

1. If you have a group of people that is a about 25 in numbers, consider a framing session before the presentation. As part of the frame, have each person gives a short presentation where they explain their experience and outcomes in relation to what you are teaching. As each person speaks paraphrase back, to get agreement, and use meta model questions to specify any ambiguities and to help learners specify their evidence procedure for their (the learners) outcome. The questioning will get you actively involved, and help you bring content to your mind as you speak. As you are asking the questions you are establishing your presence within the group. Write the common themes on the board.
(If you can take a brief second position with each person as well, it would help)

With each person spending a minute on their intro, the 25 minutes would be good investment. Alternatively you could send each person a short e mail questionnaire that will take just a few minutes for each person to complete and would provide you with the information you requite to design a session

2. When you have assessed the experience and objective of the group, go to a clean third position and ask what does he over there (Robin) have to do to provide an excellent presentation to satisfy the main objectives of the individuals in the group and his own objectives for the presentation.  You can do this on your feet, or maybe while you ask the group to write up their outcome or some other short written exercise or they could have a mini discussion in small groups relating to their individual experiences of the themes you have written on the board.

Throughout the presentation regularly take third position and give Robin feedback for adjustment.

3. I suggest, when you present, do so in peripheral vision. Your attention is then on the group as a whole, although you can give individual eye contact from this perspective. In peripheral you see so much more, and internal dialogue is reduced or non existent. In my opinion peripheral vision is the door way to the high performance state for presenting. Here's how you do it. Focus your eyes in spot on high up on the back wall of the room near where the wall meets the ceiling. Slowly expand your vision so see the 2 corners of the back wall, but maintaining your focus on the spot. Next, expand your vision so you see the 2 slide walls, the back wall and are still focussed on the spot. Get sense that you are aware of what is happening all around you and behind you. Lower your eyes so you can have normal eyes contact. If this feels to spacey focus on your tactile experience i.e. feet on floor to ground you.
I suggest you do this in an empty room until it becomes anchored to presenting. Your breathing, physiology, state and performance will naturally adjust when you do this enough times.

Then enjoy your presentations, remember the best asset you bring to the presentation is your own unique style. 

The above is based on my experience of working with groups


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