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Topic: Re:Re:NLP and health
Posted by: Brendan Carl Clarke
Date/Time: 24/07/2003 08:06:42

Well Im just finishing my practitioner course, so the first level of nlp study.  Aside from that, any additional study has been in the form of the reading list provided in the practitioner course and so that was :Robbins-Unlimited Power, a spanish nlp book (PNL) by Salvador Lopezcalled Curso de Practitioner en PNL (practitioners nlp course), with additional reading of Rex Sikes ultimate NLP home study course and other background reading not directly nlp such as emotional intelligence and the seven habits of highly effective people and an abundance of articles on the internet.  Telling you what I have read wont give you that much of an idea of how much I actually know though I suppose.  I have read enough though to understand the principles and what it is about but I am indeed new to the game, the only actual practise I have had has been in the course or with friends..  For this reason I am asking for help from the more experienced so I can put together something really effective.  I will also be getting help on this from my course director (Manuel Roca) in Madrid. Thank you for taking an interest in my question.

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