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Topic: NLP and Profit
Posted by: Renee Levant
Date/Time: 29/07/2003 07:27:55

Greetings friends!

I notice most nlp centers organize themselves as for profit businesses.

For me the pre-suppositions are really a call to a "way of life" and Nlp a "mission".

I have many questions about how I see nlp becoming a sort of club for the upper class around the world.  The potential of NLP to empower ordinary folk is so great. Yet I hear little in any nlp circles about serving poor and lower/ middle class.

Many programs offer little in the way of discounts to those who cannot afford the programs..and conversations about economic justice appeal to a very small subgroup

I am wondering what thoughts John Grinder and others here might have on NLP and money?

Would a not for profit NLP institute be fundementally different than those that are "for profit"?

Looking foward to your thoughts

Renee Levant

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