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Topic: Re:Re:Re:practising scales and new code games
Posted by: John Schertzer
Date/Time: 05/08/2003 17:47:39

Scales backwards are still the same scales, just downward, but if it works, it works.  Try going up three notes, down two, up three, etc., or up four, down three, etc., all the way up and down.  I'm not being clear enough:

In the key of C it would be C-D-E-D-E-F-E-F-G-F-G-C, or C-D-E-F-D-E-F-G... 

Do it in reverse, and then go to five, six, etc..  You'll drive yourself crazy, but eventually you might have something like a high performance state.  Listen to the radio, and then sing the melody while you hunt for the notes you are singing and trying to visualize where they are on the staff.  That will drive you nutz too!  Just make sure you relax and invite error into your process.  You'll definitely learn a lot about your guitar, and you'll probably have a variety of quality states along the way.


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