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Posted by: Wolfgang
Date/Time: 05/08/2003 18:36:15

Dear all,

I´m in the process of newcoding as much of my NLP-trainings as possible and find it easier to newcode parts of practitioner and master trainings, where people already have „bought“ the basic ideas, than introductory ones.

Has anybody of you already successfully newcoded classic code-introductory workshops and is willing to share his/her expierience with me?

Though I start the introductory workshop with the chain of excellence, which really works fine, it is still hard for me to set up basic experiential exercises on rapport, pacing/leading, rep-systems, accessing cues without kognitive presentation and demonstration before the exercise.

For example, I ask them to physiologigally enter a resource state, pair up and model each other (to learn about rapport and 2nd position), but this seems too big a chunk for beginners, since many are reluctant to imitate.

This target group is usually rather sceptical and full of strange beliefs about NLP and not easily involved in doing things before they know what they´re doing and what it´s worth.

Any specific ideas on basic skills exercises that follow John and Carmens New Code-criteria for NLP-training would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks for your attention and time

Kind regards

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