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Topic: Whispering in the Wind
Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 09/08/2003 20:29:53

I have been going through Whispering in the Wind thoroughly over the past few days (on holiday) and think Carmen and John have done a good job cleaning up NLP and certainly have given NLP (for the first time?) a fighting chance of doing what is described by Michael below (perhaps eventually others will contribute):

Michael Carroll wrote in his review:

"Carmen and John urge us NLPers to take steps for NLP to become a legitimate research community so NLP can take its rightful place alongside other approaches in the studying of human functioning."

I find the epistemological section particularly interesting and subjects such as the subtraction method (where there's more work to be done i.e. perhaps some derivative of probability, factor analysis etc. could be useful).  I have some personal thoughts mulling around on some of the topics that might be of interest.  John Grinder's background in linguistics has surely been a major component in the process involved in explicating and presenting what is known as NLP and positively differientiates it from other domains.

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