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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Modeling new patterns
Posted by: Carmen Bostic and John Grinder
Date/Time: 04/08/2002 16:42:56

Hi Jim

Thanks for the kind words.

Typically a pattern is identified and modeled in the context (sports, let's say, for concreteness)in which it is first detected. Assuming that the segment of behavior is coherent - the remarks we made in the last posting we offered - the initial model is most likely to be a direct application -that is, other athletes. It may in some cases (rapport, for example) be such a general pattern and well enough coded that it generalizes to other context (say, for example, business). However, it is not a measure of its effectiveness as a pattern that is does or does not generalize across contexts. Desirable but not necessary.

When Bandler and I were modeling Erickson, Satir and Perls, we were quite focused on the modeling with a presupposition that the application would occur in the same context (therapy) that we were extracting the patterning from. Happily, the coding Bandler and I managed and the patterns themselves were in some cases general enough, they moved easily across contexts.

All the best,

Carmen and John  

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