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Posted by: kc
Date/Time: 06/08/2002 07:40:23

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to John Grinder

as always I appreciate your insights and integrity. And thank you for now stimulating more thoughts on Modeling new patterns here as after reading your thread let me quote Gregory Bateson below:

"The concept of redundancy is usually derived as I have derived it, by first considering the maximum of information which may be carried by the given item and then considering how this total  might be reduced by the surrounding patterns of which the given items is a component part....."(page 406 Steps to an Ecology of Mind)

Gregory then goes on to add"....when an observer perceives only parts of a sequence or configuration of phenomena, he is in many cases able to guess , with better than random success, at the parts which he cannot immediately perceive(guessing that a tree will have roots for example)  It is indeed a principle goal of the scientist to elucidate there redundencies or patternings of the phenomenal world. (pg.414)

So to answer your question John previously on  how I would go about mapping from the visual and auditory representations to an explicit model John my answer naturally would be the fact that my new findings usually always do pop up as I
observe the source and as I allow those distinct patterns and redundancies to appear and then accept what is being offered to me consciously and then look for more variations that make a difference in  performance, map and chart out those differences, test, retest and then use my strategy again one more time and then simplify my process again and then simply move on to another modeling project upon completion.
Full stop!

Also alot simpler and quicker John than going to meta meta meta meta and continue to evaluate more things on a different level back and forth when not needed if you know what I mean !

Thanks John 


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