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Posted by: t
Date/Time: 28/08/2003 18:24:47

I've noticed that it doesn'thave to be a problem. But no doubt, when you ask me whether I'd rather you be accurate or percise or congruent, it's a problem.  For me those three words can mean exactly the same thing, depending on context, so I feel no need to select one of them in particular.

I'm not concerned about anything specifically in terms of our conversation about truth.  I am very interested, however, in having conversations with people who believe it is true that there is no truth or any variation which attempts to say something like, "Truth is really just...". 

I must admit that while I appreciate some aspects of 'whispering' I think the author's riff on truth and content-free therapy is thin at least and pathological at most.  But I'm sure there is much to meta model here!

The more I look at the author's epistemological framing of NLP, the clearer I see that actually they are setting up a, perhaps useful, solipsistic playground.  Acorrding to their model, as long as they are getting what they want out of their work, then nothing else matters- especially our discussions about it!


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