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Topic: Re:Bandler and nested loops
Posted by: Gabriel
Date/Time: 04/09/2003 17:07:33

Who wrote this article?

It is not accurate... although it gives an interesting introduction to the "nesting loops" concept.

Why is not accurate? For starters Bandler always teaches to start with 5 story loops, never less than 5. Plus the statement about not eliciting as you begin the story is the opposite of what he usually teaches and you can even verify this on a Mckenna-Breen videotape "State of the Art volume 2".

When he is building a "chain of states" by using nesting loops, he repeats the same secuence many times. Sometimes by coming back to the same story (eliciting the same state) more than twice.

Most of the ideas presented in this article are more likely to come from Tad James who uses some of the same phrasing in his book "Presenting Magically".

So that is why I would be interested to know who wrote the article.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HERE, I am pretty sure these are not quotes from Bandler... this might be paraphrasing something Bandler said + taking it out of context.

It even says "a story about..." and continues with a one liner about Grinder. If he (Bandler) told a story about something like that, he would have framed it carefully. Not simply said "everybody"... because he knows that would mean everyone goes to a Grinder program and Bandler would simply not do that kind of advertisement for his former partner.

I can even tell you what Bandler most likely would say about the "Grinder quote" as presented in the article, but I won't say it (write it) on this site.

BUT finally, what is the relevance of this article and discussion topic inside this forum?

I am into nesting loops and all, but is not part of WITW. There are times and places for everything.

Be well

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