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Topic: Re: How to be your own guru
Posted by: Sam T
Date/Time: 06/09/2003 11:26:08

Thre economy falls the economy rises and the guru business is still moving ahead and booming!

It is great being a guru.

If you create the ability to con-vince others and get on with it.

But just how do you become one?

Here are some tips from other guru models right out of the book of guru's. To become a guru you must use partly the following criteria:

1. Write a book
You must find your vehicle to spread the word of guru. Don't worry about your qualifications. Just simply find a hot topic,be committed and apply yourself (improvise.) Maybe start a consulting company or two to help expedite your guru'ness.
2. Name your book right
Your book must have a snappy title and a very hot front cover.
3.Make up your own new words and "coin a phrase"
By inventing new semantically loaded words your ideas will be fresh even when there not.
4.Be outrageous
Obviously if you want to be heard more you have to make alot of Noise. Just find a noisy model and mimic.
6. Make friends with front stage people and get on TV or the radio
Famous friends and testimonials will help increase and advance your guru'ness instantly.
7. Charge dearly for your services
Don't let anyone off the hook for your guru celebrity status. Make them pay more than the norm. They will value your service more.
8. Live longer
The longer you are around the bigger following you develop (as a guru) the more your clients will be willing to pay you. So live long!
9. Be self centered, be aggressive
You must have an ego to be a guru. No one knows that more than a guru.
10. Keep on trucking even when your wrong.
Hey who is really paying attention to you any way these days. Be wise and take advantage of their lack of attention. Make money.

So now  future guru's go out and play a new code game or two and get out there and be your own guru. Forget Bandler and Grinder etc. There is no need no time for losers, whiners and complainers in the guru business!

absolutely sincerly

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