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Topic: Re:Ross Jeffries Speed seduction
Posted by: InnerCalm
Date/Time: 08/09/2003 05:55:31

That's a very open ended question Ed, it leaves the door open for one to question his own ethics, as well as Ross Jeffries' ethics.

I believe that I speak for many, as well as myself, when I say yes it is an ethical use of NLP, and also when I say no it is not an ethical use of NLP.

NLP has many uses, some good, some bad, just as a firearm can be used for good, as well as for bad.

No man is flawless, except he be a saint.

Ross Jeffries is no saint, IMHO.

Ironically, I discovered NLP when I stumbled across Ross' website, which lead to another seduction oriented site, and I practiced and used the materials their to sastify/fuel my lust for women.  

At some point I realized that NLP had much more potential than merely getting me laid.

That's when I somehow realized that it is ones own ethics or intention that makes the difference of whether or not a thing is good or bad, and just like opinions, everyone has their own intentions, although the intentions of one may or may not be considered ethical by another.

From this we could argue, that what is important is ones desired outcome, and to this we could add our ecology or our views of how we want to be percieved by others, and our concerns of how our actions affect others.

It's a complex formula that makes up each and everyone of us, and each and everyone of use has our own idea of what is ethical.

One thing is for sure, we only hear complaints when others have assumed in some way that you, me, or someone else has done harm to them in some way.

In contrast to that, we presuppose that all intentions are considered as positive from the point of view of the owner of that intention, because in their mind they had no other means by which to acheive their desired outcome.

In the case of Ross Jeffries, who is no doupt efficient in the use of NLP, would be considered capable of engineering his own means of achieving whatever he desires.

Is it ethical?  I'd say it's a matter of ones own ethics.

Ross Jeffries?  He's a greedy, horny bastard.

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