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Topic: Re:Modelling: Healers
Posted by: Ernest
Date/Time: 09/09/2003 02:20:57

A polite suggestion

Your body heals itself when your body PH is at 7.
Cheap commercial water,fad diets,fast food, high emotions and chemical laden soaps and cleaners, toothpastes, house hold cleaners etc  lower your ph as these activities above help raise your acid level.

Cancer cannot grown when your bodies ph is at 7.
99% OF AMERICANS ARE SUFFERING FROM ACIDOSIS. Don't be one of them. Buy ph strips and test yourself. Test your water to see if it is ph balanced!

Go chemical free!

In case you haven't read Fit for Life a New Begginning by Harvey Diamond. (page 381 on) It is seven dollar book but it is worth every dime.

Please build a chemical free enviorment for yourself! I like to see you all remain healthy!

you are all great!
be well
be well
E man

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