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Topic: Grinder/NLP History
Posted by: history
Date/Time: 09/09/2003 03:32:52

I hate to admit that I'm a bit embarrased to make the following request, but the fact is that one of my favorite aspects of "whispering" is Dr. Grinder's informative and highly interesting (very entertaining) description of the early days of NLP.  I know it isn't as sophisticated to bring this up, but it is very relevent to this board. 

So I would ask Dr. Grinder if after having written what he already wrote about the history, if there are any other interesting or relevent or just entertaining aspects to NLP's history that he would be willing to share.  Thanks.


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Grinder/NLP History09/09/2003 03:32:52history
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          Also look at NLP the Wild Days09/09/2003 14:45:54brian

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