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Topic: Re:Origins: Castaneda
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 09/08/2002 00:37:46

Hello Lager

I did meet Carlos once many years ago (in a large group of people) - I had the impression of a well-intentioned, mild mannered and quite serious person. I have had no connection with those purporting to represent his legacy.

I will decline to comment on the controversy you ask about for the simple reason that I am unfamiliar with the nature of the discussion taking place. I will say that there has from the first of his writing (if memory serves "The Teaching of Don Juan") been a controversy at to whether the experiences described by him in his interactions with Don Juan and Don Genero occurred in the sense that the twin towers were destroyed on 11 September last year or occurred as part of any altered state in which portions of the descriptions correspond to 3rd party verifiable events and portions were the artful creation of a imaginative man.

I have found great value in his writings - especially as a guide for apprenticeships, reasonably outrageous behavior (most often when acting in concert with a partner) and most of all(after all, I already knew about outrageous behavior) to point to ways of engaging the unconscious processes we all carry within us and rarely tap to their full potential. These writings, then, serve as an interesting counterweight to the left brained babblings of people cursed by self-importance.

The ambiguity left by the lack of a definitive answer to the question mentioned earlier about the veracity of the representations offered by him is a perfectly acceptable ambiguity for me and in no way reduces the effectiveness of his work.


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