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Posted by: jim R
Date/Time: 24/09/2003 05:05:50


I suggest you contact Shelle Rose Charvet,
someone on her staff I believe has done some fairly thorough investigation into that "subset" of NLP called metaprograms and its use in mass communication. her company actully consults on the usage of metaprograms in recruiting, print advertising etc.

you should keep your hopes very low in thinking you're breaking any new ground in researching this because Shelle has been around a while and has quite a client list in consulting on this topic

In addition,other individuals, in various other NLP forums, have previously expressed some interest in the use of the milton model in print media as a way of influencing people but they seem to overlook the fact that print is a linear medium which HIGHLY restricts verbal nuances that make milton language forms such as embedded commands and analog marking effective in an auditory medium or regular face to face interaction.

you're welcome


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