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Posted by: Todd Sloane
Date/Time: 26/09/2003 03:01:06


Cute post. It was fun to read.

>>We do not know, of course if Brian received any email responses to his request.

Hey, how do you know we don't know? :-)
Couldn't resist the counter example!

>But in view of the context of this bulletin board, I wonder now if anyone is doing changework full time using the new code. And if so, if they would mind posting their experiences here?

I have done changework with the new code for about 7 years. First exclusively in 1-1 settings and transitioning into a combination of 1-1 work (individual change) and training (organizational change). Now primarily training. I do NOT train people in "NLP". I utilize the concepts of the new code in experiential training. Very, very rarely do I label it as such. It is customized workforce training. Primarily under the umbrella of "people skills". The 1-1 work is life and career planning, but I link this highly to "vision" and "purpose", not just "getting work." (I hope this characterization gives you at least a sense of the distinction I am pointing to.)

My experiences have been very purple.
(Sorry, I can't resist that one either :-)

It's a lot to encapsulate in a short post so here are some off the top thoughts...

I use triple description in just about everything. In particular with clients (1-1), in developing workforce training (my needs assessment process), and, in some form, in exercises that learners partake in during class. I consider triple description almost synonomous (almost) with ecology and definitely a great tool for quality.

I use conscious-unconsicous interface (mine) for tracking purposes with clients. I consider it my personal life line. Without it I can easily get hung up in all kinds of consious doubt. [Aint it great to have friends :-) ]
I have also taught learners and clients the signalling process (as might be found in 6-step reframe) under the label "intuition" or "decision-making." It can be a nice way to give a "left-brainer" permission to get in touch with their body as you can structure/procedurize (LB word there!) it in a way that can appeal to their preferred style (LB <-> sequential <-> structure)

I'd be glad to share more. Probably off the bulletin board.
I am not being cute with this comment either.
I am glad to share my experiences and appreciate being asked. I also don't want to turn this into a marketing thing and I am not sure what else might be helpful to you as your question wasn't very specific (i.e. sharing experiences...) I do, however, hope that this post will give you some food for thought regarding uses and applications for you.

Let me know if there is anything more specific you'd like to know. I will say by way of advice to  anyone reading this, "get the new code in your neurology." Whispering is definitely great. And it is definitely only a verbal description. I say this because I fell in to some new code training without realizing it as such and after quite a few years, I continue to grow in my appreciation of how well it serves me on a daily basis.



PS I appreciate your efforts to attend to and refocus us on Brians original post. Your always enjoyable to read (yes, always :-)

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