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Posted by: Thomas
Date/Time: 11/08/2002 00:56:27

Hello Michael,

Apologies for my late reply, I have been on summer holidays, but now I am back.

You asked me to describe a specific anchoring event, what I did, that made it very effective. I am not quite sure what you are after here, but I will proceed anyway.

This happened quite a few years ago, and in a training context. We were to do collapsing anchors. I worked with a very nice and sympathetic lady with a quite expressive face. Frankly I am not sure what I did which made it so effective, but perhaps it was the fact that I anchored in all three channels simultaneously and with good timing.

I asked her if she had decided what to work with, i.e. the problem state, and that was all it took to elicit it. I touched her left knee, the look on my face and the tone of my voice were more or less controlled expressions of my reaction to the state she went into.

Next she shook it off, and I asked if she had a good resource state she would like to have in those situations. Yup. I do not remember exactly how, but I asked her a few questions about what it was like in the situations where she had that resource state readily available. As I read that she went into it more I touched her right knee, spoke with a calmer and more optimistic voice, and molded my face accordingly.

I also had two very distinct positions with my body, I leaned more to her right during the second state.

Next I triggered the anchor on her left knee, and it almost worked to well because she became very concerned that the problem state was much to powerful to be possible to deal with when just using anchors. Fortunately as I leaned over to the left, touched her right knee and said "I know you can also remember this" with the optimistic and calm tone of voice and corresponding facial expression, this was enough assistance for her to readily go back into her resourceful state, as was evidenced by her physiological changes in evrything - one did not have to be very good at sensory acuity to note this.

I hope this is what you intended Michael.


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