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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Michael Carroll
Posted by: Todd Sloane
Date/Time: 28/09/2003 22:06:13

>I'm very focused (indirectly due to meditation I've practiced for 16+ years)and can keep track of individuals I'm with and their outcomes very well.

Sorry, I didn't mean those outcomes...

>I've never hear of triple description being used in this way to describe an information gathering process. I just call it getting several opinions and of course in the context you describe you'd be silly not to "survey" everybody. we're on the same page but we just use different semantics to label the process of getting input from many individuals in one contexts.

I'd like to add a self-correction here: I think a more accurate NLP label for this process is multiple descriptions rather than the triple description. Triple description being a specific instance of multiple descriptions that doesn't really apply in the example that I gave.
And I agree that there are many labels for this including: surveying everybody, getting input from many individuals, comprehensive needs assessment, 360 degree assessment, parts negotiation, among others. However, I rarely survey everybody.
I also now realize, as a result of this post, that the "real" work I do is utilizing the info I have gathered in the development and then delivery phases of a project. It's the difference in the perspectives that informs my decisions about format and content of delivery. (...speaking of self-modeling)

>I'm familiar with a process that includes a variation of that. in "My Life with Kumi", author/composer Michael Colgrass(trained by John Grinder) does a process he calls "self modeling"? which is designed for performance improvement.


>Curiously,don't you think that the map being changed depends on the chunk size of the new info???

From my perspective, a shift to 3rd position is, by definition, a change in chunk size as it is or creates, an outframe. (Larger than original context). To be more succint. I think that a shift to 3rd position will ALWAYS change the map. Kind of like re-membering changes the memory. Or, "You can't step in the same river twice."

Did you find any valuable learnings from your reading of my previous post? I had hoped that you would and hope even more to learn whether you did or not. :-)



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