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Topic: Re:Re:to Sherilla's father
Posted by: Sherilla's father
Date/Time: 12/08/2002 02:57:14

Very well said Mr. Carrol,

I respect and understand your decision.  However, personally, I have no fear of having a discussion with JR; there is no reason that he need receive a phone number or address, and, without a doubt he is aware of Danny's situation.  Fortunately I have a strong enough resource base that anything JR might offer for suggestion will be filtered through multiple perceptual positions that I have deemed wise and helpful over the years.  What Danny has been going through of the last couple weeks is actually very beautiful, but we do need to hear from a wide array of perspectives.  JR has absolutely no authoratative power in this context, however he might have valid and helpful insight. 

So, JR, I have created a temporary yahoo email address through which you can contact me.  I look forward to talking with you.  You can reach me at:

And, again, Mr. Carrol: you descion only reiforces my impression that you are a good man doing good work in this most nebulous of contexts called the internet.  Thank you

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