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Topic: Re:questions for Dr. Grinder:
Posted by: Tamara Riggs
Date/Time: 12/08/2002 14:39:21

Constance said"

"I mean, wasn't this 'visciously flawed nominalization' most likely the culprit for getting scientist to undertake the research projects that collected the data that forms the basis for the understanding that "NLP in no aspects of its work impinges on the real world"?  Perhaps we need this awful nominaliztion of 'truth' to motivate the researchers to collect the data which leads us to make contextually 'useful' statements and which allows us to simultaneously reject the same data in its efforts to be considered true?"

I gotta think about that, girl, but it's giving me a headache!  Why does it even matter? 

Constance also said:

"P.S. When I first read the structure of Magic I imagined that you and Bandler were very similar in your manner of expression.  I always was curious as to how you both contributed to the writing of SOM vol I- it was so consistently expressed throughout.  After attending a few seminars it was obvious that you two are very different in how you speak and articulate things, and I my initial curiosity as to how you divided up the work in writing SOM shifted into a curiosity about what the hell Bandler even wrote. Did he just cheerlead by your side?  And after reading a few of the books that he penned on his own,  my curiosity began to shift into a guess that he didn't have much to do with the actual writing of that book. He might have played a major role in discovering the ideas behind it, but it's hard to imagine you two were just writing different sections.  Or, I guess, he might be so good as to be able to enter into that mode of articulation when he deems it useful. To bad it has lost all sense of usefulness to him over the last 20 years.  I understand that you are probably legally forced to answer this curiosity in a specific manner, but perhaps you could just ignore the above and read me merely asking, "Hey, John, how did you and Richard go about sharing the responsibility for writing that fine book?"

Now I actually understand that question, honey!  That's funny stuff...


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