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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:self reframing / hypnosis
Posted by: Stephen Bray
Date/Time: 06/10/2003 10:10:14

Dear Jamie,

Greetings from an ex-patriot Englishman. Norfolk must be quite delightful at present, although I know the South West better than the flatlands.

Might I suggest that at the very first opportunity you purchase a copy of Whispering in the Wind by Carmen Bostic St. Clair and John Grinder.

There are two sources of the book in the U.K.

Katrina Doble, Head of Client Services at NLP Academy is contactable via: , she can almost certainly arrange to send you a copy. But her email style is a bit eccentric, one mail to me started: Hell Stephen ;-)) I've never spoken to her out of fear, but the number for the NLP Academy is: + 44 (0)20 8402 1120

If contacting Katrina fails then try:
Helen McGuire at Pace Personal Development phone: +44 (0) 1372 277 123

The reason that I propose this expensive course of action, (for the book IS quite expensive as books go), is that in the long run it will save you money, and various other forms of distress.

The 'NLP New Code' written about in WITW rests on the premise that you do not know what's best for you as a conscious process; so any 'goals you create' for example using NLP Well Formedness Conditions such as those I have written about elsewhere* may not be representative of your best interest or ecology.

To quote Carmen and John:
"In the prototypic Classic Code . . . we note that:
1 The consciousness of the client is assigned the responsibility of the critical elements.
2. There are no constraints placed upon the selection of the resource or behaviours to replace the original behaviour being changed.
3. There is no explicit involvement of the unconscious of the client.
The focus of the work is at the level of behaviour. . .
. . . the (NLP) practitioner will ask the client to decide what behaviour or state or resource he or she would like to implement to replace the undesirable behaviour. Once again the decision is made consciously by the client. These are important decisions and it is unfortunate in the extreme that the classic code assigns the responsibility for these decisions to the client's conscious mind - precisely the part of the client least competent to make such decisions." (WITW pp 213 - 214)

So, to sum up ~

Whilst creating well-formed outcomes undoubtedly IS helpful in focussing down to concrete proposals, and unconscious processes will implicitly play parts in such an exercise; specific responsibility is not allocated to the unconscious, (the wider and automatic networks of your ecosystem) with the result that such efforts fail in the longer term.

Buy the book ~ read it about 12 times, and write in the margins too ~ put it under your pillow ~ when reading in the loo take care when assembling your thoughts, for it is paper yes ~ but also much more than that. Excuse its deplorable American English, and keep corresponding here. How can you fail?

Kind regards,


* Bray, S. How to Achieve Your Goals

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