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Topic: Re:Representations of John and Carmens latest developments
Posted by: John Grinder and Carmen Bostic
Date/Time: 09/05/2002 18:44:18


Thanks for your enthusiasm and hunger for the additional New Code Patterns. We hope to offer a more thorough treatment in writing within the next year. We attempted to cover a lot in Whispering and obviously not all subjects could be presented in depth.

As to your question about 

"I am asking a question about how to evaluate such a pattern. Given that I am not to specify consciously the outcome I am after, how am I to evaluate that the pattern actually works as claimed by its presenters?"

What the New Code format is designed to do is to identify some context in which the person making the change desires difference (in a positive direction) develop a high performance states and then integrate that high performance state with the cues (the auditory and visual stimuli) that define the context in which change will occur. The selection of the desired state is left entirely to the unconscious - or equivalently, as we state in the text, all the resources implicit in the high performance state are connected (future pacing - step 4 in the New Code format) with the auditory and visual stimuli that define the context in which the change desired will occur. End of story. The way that you evaluate the effectiveness of the patterning is the set of differences that you discover when you next visit the context. Automatically, without any conscious participation, the high performance state which has been associated (anchored to) the context emerges and significant differences occur, the selection of which is entirely determined at the unconscious level - out of the Know Nothing state.

Hope that clarifies this point - however, nothing answers a question like yours more effectively than simply doing it. Enjoy!

Carmen Bostic and John Grinder

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