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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 16/10/2003 22:29:50

Hi, Eric.

Buddhism also prescribes ethical standards for behaviors.  Some Buddhist teachers lead their students to practice Buddhist ethics (like being compassionate).

But in the case of some therapist-client interactions, being compassionate toward the client's undesired behavior might patronize the client.  Unless, of course, you reframed your client's undesired behavior, as:
(1) just another experience of dependent-arising

thus excusing her from your vindictiveness, and hopefully opening her to your compassionate smile.

Buddhist prescriptions for interpersonal behavior are:
(2) vague
(3) contradictory
(4) circularly justified. 

So, when discussing therapy, I think the concepts termed:
(5) "Buddhism"
(6) "NLP-application"
are different logical types of activity. 

Practitioners of Buddhism (don't know about Hinduism), are sometimes led to become Buddhist by what Buddhist philosophy enables, rather than what it successfully explains.  So, if you want to:
(7) sit on your butt
(8) chant
(9) listen to exotic foreigners misuse English
(10) pontificate on the suffering of the world
then consider becoming a Buddhist.


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