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Topic: NLP and NS
Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 17/10/2003 00:31:32

In rereading “Whispering In The Wind,” I came across a few bits and pieces that may serve to create a bridge between NLP and Neuro-Semantics (NS).

On page 125 of Whispering, Grinder and Bostic St Clair wrote:

“[…] first, it put the finishing touches on the distinction between process and content (what is called syntax and semantics in natural language system) […].

More specifically, I came to regard language as a tool – a sharp one but nevertheless a tool to be used to explore the world and my relationship to it. In this sense, NLP seems to me to be a natural extension of a methodology from transformational grammar to a larger domain – resulting in what might best be called the syntax of experience.

[...]…these same sets of rules (of language), this same set of categories, that structure perceptions as well.[…]”

I find that these statements really offer some value in appreciating both NLP and NS. If NLP is the syntax of experience, NS might be called the semantics of experience. I agree with Grinder and Bostic St Clair’s simple message, “Different Worlds.” And as such, it would be unfair for NS to state that it has upstaged NLP nor for NLP to lodge NS into irrelevancy. These positions would seem at best reductionistic. Each field seems to pursue a different slant of human experience.

From what I read, the Neuro-Semantics model has offered some value to some practitioners. Which ones, specifically, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I don’t know enough myself. But I can say that the NS writings have interested me enough to spend significant time trying to make some sense out of them. NLP is 30 years old and NS less than 10. I guess we can reconvene in 20 years and see how things have progressed in NS. It would also be interesting for someone to express those ideas in metaphors or other forms easier to understand – the same could apply to Whispering. I’ve actually started writing a book to make those powerful insights available to the layman, and will make sure to run it by the authors to attest my comprehension of their work.

With this said, I don’t hope to see the proliferation of Neuro-Morphology, Neuro-Phonology, Neuro-Phonetics, Neuro-Pragmatics, or Neuro-Semiotics. If NLP and NS can generate a rumble, imagine the stampede if we added a couple more!!

What do you think?


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