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Posted by: Brian Stumford
Date/Time: 17/10/2003 15:20:59


It wasn't until I met Johnathon Edwards that I became open to the possibility that the consciousness/neurology relationship might be other than I thought.  I met the guy informally and he told me that 'somebody' was coming through. I didn't buy it. Until he told me that my Uncle, who is dead, was telling him that I wouldn't have ruined my new tie this morning if I had chosen the cereal instead.  That messed me up because I had gone through a rediculous delema trying to decide whether i should take the time to fix a bowl of cereal. At the last moment I went for the coffee and in my rush, spilled all over a new tie given to me by my cousin.  First of all, Johnethon Edwards had never heard of me until I introduced myself, and even if he did know me and that he was going to see me that day, his 'detectives' sure as hell were not in my shower, which is where I was going through my decision making strategy.

After that Edwards went on to nail a bunch of other specific stuff. It wasn't a cold reading, which, by the way, I used to teach people how to do.

It does really come down to what you've experienced. Otherwise, it all sounds silly. I guess it's like that in physics as well.  Unless you  grasp, directly, some of the principals, the stuff they are saying these days sounds like science fiction...I love it!

J Rose, you helped clear up some of the logical level material for me. Thanks.  I'm a big fan of Dilts' model.

Dr. Grinder and Mrs. St. Clair-  I think your distinction between logical levels and types is fantastic and I hope  more people would adopt it, although I doubt that kind of change in the NLP lexicon will take place. I've noticed over the years that not many of the proposed changes in termenology ever stick or stick that much.


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