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Date/Time: 20/10/2003 21:57:57

together we laugh in each other's arms. A misunderstanding or Romantic proportions, isn't it? How delightfully funny and emotionally enriching!! Thank you, Jim, thank you so much for allowing our relationship this space. You are truly a very special man, indeed.

Jim said: "I remember when I took my first Practitioner training and I asked my trainer a question like yours. I don't remember his exact reply but the meaning was that I should go for feedback from someone and find out for myself rather than than take his answer as some kind of "truth" about the matter. I've always remembered that."

so this is one suggestion, which I'm sure GSM had taken into account. In fact, I would guess that his questions are actually generated from his experience.  So, your suggestion that he go back to the field might or might not address the meat of his question. But nice nonetheless.

then you said: "since we ALL unconsciously distort, generalize, and delete our experience, its that VERY PROCESS  that causes "meta model violations".

also nice, yet leaning towards tautology.  However, if GSM was unaware of the presuppostion that meta-model patterns are the result of an unavoidable set of filters then perhaps it was helpful to point out the obvious.

But then GSM simply said, in response to your suggestion, that he was interested in finding out more specifics about the subject- a very natural response, I would think. 

in reply you asked, "how do you know there is more explicit info?"  I wonder if this was the kind of question Bandler and Grinder asked themselves when they were feeling utterly fascinated by Milton or Virgina? I guess if you are really asking something like, "What else are you curious about...?" Anyway, it struck me as a strange question with the hint of arrogance attached (that was your communication to me).

But then you threw out a beautiful Zen Koan with

" the metal modal makes it EXPLICIT."

We should set up an entirely new website for that one.  It struck me as funny that you would say something like this while trying to get somebody else to pose their questions more specifically.

I amazed that language is such a closed system of thought for you, Jim. When you say, "assumes that you think there more to the process of meta model violation creation than what ocurrs via/ distortion, generalization and deletion." You almost sound like you're saying that there is no more to be curious about in regards to the role that generalization, deletion and distortion play in generating meta-model violation.




let's just continue our new found embrace and melt away from this awfully meta place, dear.

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