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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 21/10/2003 01:50:12

Yes, GSM, we can... conceivably.

The context in which the concept of:
(1) a meta-model violation
is meaningful, is:
(2) a context of therapy, during which a client produces a speech act containing a meta-model violation.

What is the performance variable for the function of?  Maybe one of the functions:
(3) asking meta-model questions
(4) creating meta-model violations.

The performance variable for (4) should be:
(5) relevant to the practice of interpersonal_communication-based, face-to-face, therapy
(6) a variable whose value can be affected DURING therapy (NOT before)
(7) significant (not prayer, for example).

So, to answer your question:
(8) Can we not...make... more explicit ... what specifically makes a meta-model violation and how it is made (the performance variable) in order to enhance our interventions?

My answer is:
(9) I think so, personally, if what's made more explicit satisfies criteria (5),(6), and (7).

But, I may take back my answer (9), if a performance variable is a relevant function with variable results, rather than a variable, a variable input to a relevant function. 

The reason I offered answer (9), after specifying criteria (5)-(7), is because I'm trying to make clear that, while:
(10) a performance variable may exist which defines production of meta-model violations somehow
for now it's true that:
(11) meta-model violations are just a label for speech acts that meet certain syntactic criteria, criteria relevant to a therapist.

(12) Meta-model violations don't have any essential difference, for the therapy-client, with other speech acts the therapy-client makes.
(13) Meta-model violations tell you little or
nothing about the internal processes of the therapy-client. They are just events of speech acts. 

As (13) implies, "Protect free speech!"

(14) production of meta-model violation-free speech acts, in itself, does nothing for a person.

I'm familiar with the prejudice that accompanies speculation about:
(15) mental malfunction
(16) genius
(17) knowledge
(18) skill

in another person, based on the content of that person's speech acts. 

Meta-model violations are a way for therapists to sort out some speech acts from others, particularly in the context of therapy.  Ordinary speech need not invoke performance anxiety, with a person applying New Code, trying to make his own speech violation-free.  There's nothing wrong with trying to be complete in your answers, but that should be a separate endeavor from being violation-free.

Maybe we need another term than "meta-model violation".  How about:
(19) meta-model gifts
(20) meta-modellable insights
(21) ordinary speech acts
(22) friendly conversation statements
(23) free statements
(24) small-talk


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