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Topic: Re:Modeling
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 25/10/2003 07:37:22

Hi, Kerrie.

You wrote,

(1) "Is it considered more correct to model by including the person to be modeled, by asking them to participate, to teach?"

my opinion is:

(2) it's more ethical to make explicit to the source model what you are going to do when you model him
(3) it's more ethical to make explicit to the source model what you will do with the skill you acquire.

With your acquired skill, you could:
(4) write and sell a book about it
(5) personally use it
(6) teach it
(7) forget about it
(8) share it with your family and close friends
(9) vow to use it for good purposes only.

Obviously, I believe propositions (2) and (3) because:

(10) propositions (2) and (3) are conclusions about what serves the interests of the source model, who has to decide whether or not to let you model her.

You wrote,

(11) "...what is the current stance on this by the majority of NLP modelers?"

My question, in response to question (11), is:

(12) Who are you asking about?

Maybe modeling is more common, in the NLP community, than I thought.


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