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Posted by: Z
Date/Time: 26/10/2003 04:59:53

Yea, I guess Robert is just always giving John
so much to be upset about.  When you hear how Robert
gushes in praise of John, it's just frustrating to
read so many posts on here where John takes his
little baby stabs at Robert.  Robert always
dedicates each of his book to John and Richard with
kind words, but I guess Robert also likes to tell
lies about what Dr. Grinder said. Why would Robert
remember john saying something that john doesn't
remember saying.

I think I'll email Robert and get to the bottom
of this.  You know, the way vibe that John generates
with so many people on this list is plain upsetting.
He's so fu$%ing defensive and arrogant about it
all.  Have you guys ever had a discussion with
Dilts?  Regardless of what you think about each
and very detail of his thought, the guy showers
respect and curiosity at you.  I'm going to ask
him why he would dare suggest that Grinder ever
said anything like that awful quote above.


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